Jones and Rudd – in good health united

Rein: G’day Alan. How are you?

Jones: Well this is more than a surprise! How is your husband?

Rein: He’s doing so well post surgery. He’s been up, he’s been walking.

Jones: When I had my fourth cancer operation and I was recovering I got a phone call and they said the prime minister’s on the line. And I said what on earth does the prime minister want? And there was Kevin Rudd on the phone and he asked how I was and wished me well. So when I knew he was in hospital in Brisbane I sent some flowers. And I sent the message saying: in politics we may be divided but in good health we’re united.

Rein: And that’s why I’m ringing you to thank you for your kindness in sending those flowers.

Jones: Well that’s very kind of you. We may be divided in politics but in good health we’re united.

I like that. These guys would probably claw each others eyes out in a debate on Global Warming, Economics or any kind of Public Policy… but sometimes they’re just two guys insanely happy to be OK.