Someone missed the memo

DPP urged to act against Thomson.

Seem’s that when the Labor party won and that big memo went out ‘PLEASE DON’T GET CAUGHT DOING ANYTHING STUPID’, this guy was in the lav.

Long story short, it looks like Thomson, from Dobell (my old voting grounds as it were) may have been buying bootay on the company credit card. It goes without saying there has been no trial, or even investigation at this stage so there is always the possibility there’s been a mix-up… still, Labor can not afford to let the liberals have a tilt at a seat as marginal as Dobell.


No one’s Enraptured

Disapointments alround really. It’s been noted that the Family Radio website hasn’t quite worked out how to spin the fact that everyone is still here. I personally hoped we’d at least get rid of some of the more boring ones. Maybe there ARE all gone and the website will just serve as a stark reminder that we, the lowly left behind, got shafted? I doubt it though.

Labor seems to be having issues getting butts in seats. The Age calls it ‘parting ways on gay marriage‘, seems to me that a load of people just didn’t turn up. Not a great day really.

Not that the Liberals are doing much better! We’ve got Hockey and Abbott in the ring this morning having ‘fiery telephone calls‘ (makes it sound like a lovers quarel if you ask me). The article isn’t a transcript or anything, but it feels like a lot of name calling and cat-fighting to me.

The third arm isn’t scandal free today either (it’s  the disapointment that’s done it, no one had anything prepared, we all thought we’d be gettin’ down in Gods boogie town).

Senator Brown’s director of media, Marion Rae, attacked members of the Canberra press gallery personally, while also saying newspapers in which her boss appeared and even wrote for were good for soaking up cat pee.

Because abusing people on Twitter has worked out really well for everyone else who’s done it lately.

Of the ABC’s Chris Uhlmann, she said: “Some are born great, some become great and others have talented wives, eh mate?”

That’s not politics… that’s mud. Thick, icky, desperate mud that makes you look a bit like an angry bully who just noticed he’s losing his grip on power…

UPDATE: Oop, badly placed polls and childrens safety wont be making the government feel much better on this day of unenrapturement. I love the snarky comment at the end too; “Contractors at the site yesterday tried to stop The Sunday Telegraph from photographing the pole.” I dont know why but that tickles me.

Wilkie and Hitler

The photo of Mr. Andrew Wilkie shaking hands with Mr. Brendan Etches, the man responsible for accusations of bullying and torment during the MPs time at Duntroon Royal Military Academy, looks strained but calm. The Mercury uses the word ‘tense’ to describe the meeting, which shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone considering that Mr. Etches claims that Mr. Wilkie’s actions contributed to his leaving the academy.

As with a lot of things, the ‘young and dumb’ defence is not entirely out of place here. Mr Wilkie asserts that he has no recollection of the specific event that has caught the medias attention.

‘…a humiliating ceremony when a group of 17-year-old, first-year cadets was forced to stand and salute to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany in 1933.’
In fairness to Mr Wilkie, we’ve probably all done a number of questionable things in our youth that we don’t clearly recall (I am no exception… even if I’ve only done the things I can recall, I’m in no position to throw stones). That’s the problem with politics though isn’t it? If you want in, you had better be prepared to have all your dirty laundry on display. According to the Mercury article ‘Mr Etches told Mr Wilkie yesterday he did not believe’ that he didn’t recall the incident… Again it’s easy to see Mr. Etches point of view. Assuming that the incident left such an impression on him, it’s hard for him to believe that the perpetrator didn’t find it a day worth remembering.

‘Mr Wilkie admitted to Mr Etches he used to believe bullying at places like Duntroon was necessary to “toughen up” young soldiers for the rigour of army life. But he said he had since changed his mind.’
With the above quote in mind, for Wilkie it could well have been just another day. Another one of those things he was doing that was part of life at Duntroon. I can certainly see that being possible.

You might notice no particular argument about who might be right or wrong in this case? Is Wilkie culpable? Should his current political career suffer for this past action? The truth is, hell, I don’t know. I don’t like it, it sounds stupid and pointless to me. I understand his past belief in the necessity of hazing, I’ve heard the argument before and truth to tell, it might even hold water but this case does make me angry. In the end, I do believe that how he handles this particular revelation will be more telling as far as his career is concerned than the revelation itself.

Mr Wilkie isn’t my favourite candidate, I didn’t vote for him, but despite the differences in our political orientation (and the level of importance we place on Pokies in the current political climate), I’ve always believed that he says what he thinks and he does what he says. No one can ask more of a politician than that. As long as he’s honest, and true to his word, it’s then up to the people to decide if he gets the job. One way or another, it’s the vote that will tell one way or another if the people will decide this is more than they can forgive, and that’s the way it should be.