Dumping on charities: it’s blatant waste

Dumping on charities: it’s blatant waste. By Mr Geoff Strong from The Age.

I may love this guy.Nothing is harder to explain than “I’m worry, we can’t take your donation”… it upsets people. I get that, and for those with good intentions, we really are sorry, but we’re not a tip!

At the Salvo’s store where I do most of my shifts, we have a massive skip, and I’ve never seen it empty. Old TV’s with smashed screen’s, mattresses that are obviously hygenically questionable, baby equipment that we simply can’t sell for safety reasons. Not to mention the weird stuff that get’s dumped sometimes! I’m thinking here of a ‘tickle wand’ we found once, which came with a selection of edible undies! I can’t sell that in a Salvation army recycling store!